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Parking in Prague

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On Tuesday we drove from Dresden 6 hours ( including stops) to Visky a village near Litovel which is a town near Olomouc in the Czech Republic. Part of the reason the trip was so long was our “dramatic” stop in Prague.
Before leaving Dresden, Dad had declared his “great” idea of stopping in Prague for Lunch (surprisingly as we seldom plan ahead!). After leaving the motorway and circling the city at least twice looking for a car park, we finally after about an hour found a park approx 20 minutes from Wenceslas square. Given we no longer had the the time for a “nice & relaxed lunch overlooking the square or the river”, we got some lunch in one of the food stalls in the Square. Nilay & I got a half sausage each and mama and papa got potato dumplings with sour cabbage and we had spiral donuts cooked over a BBQ for desert.
After we’d finished our food we headed back to the van in hope that we’d be back before one hour was up suspecting that we’d have to pay another whole hour worth of parking even if you were only a minute over time. Of course we ended up paying for the extra hour as we were about 8 minutes over time !!


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