A journey back to Middle Earth…

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Postcard from Milan

On Saturday & Sunday we spent time in the city that shares my name, Milan! It’s home of the Milano Duomo its cathedral, (or the Sagrada Familia II as we called it because it reminded us of it). Also a fashion rival with Paris, our experience in Milan can be represented by our photo collection below. Milan, our last stop before going back to Emmendingen, is also home of the original of “the last supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci (maybe appropriate as later the second day we had our last supper in the van!).The famous inventor and painter was also featured in the MUST (Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Technologia) museum that we went to on Sunday after going to a fascinating cemetery which on each grave stone was a sculpture. Milan was a short but fascinating experience for us, extremely different to Venice, and sadly the only other place in Italy we’ve been to on the trip. The city that shares my name, a great start to the slowly but surely coming end of our European trip.