A journey back to Middle Earth…

5,000 miles

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It was great to see Michal again an old friend of ours whom we met in London over 20 years ago at Tent City. We loved the old farm house where he lives, and along with the visit to the caves, got to experience the local area with some walks amongst farmlands and rivers and of course some authentic local restaurant cuisine. A great opportunity to catch up & be in the Czech Republic again, however clearly not long enough as Maria & the boys were not a able to complete the 500 piece puzzle before we left and we only got to counting up to 6 in Czech!!
Yesterday was also a trip through a number of countries where en-route to Zagreb in Croatia, we would pass briefly through Austria and Slovenia. This is clearly evidenced by the motorway “vignettes” which are required for these countries which are now starting to cover the windscreen of the van! Somewhere near Vienna we also clocked 5,000 miles (8,000km), which I guess reflects a milestone of how far we’ve traveled, but probably more importantly, how well the van is holding out!!


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