A journey back to Middle Earth…

Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

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Our visit to Hamburg (officially known as the title above) included a trip to its harbour, (2nd largest port in Europe). It’s scale makes clear that what seemed to be a very large 20ft container with our contents (now safely in NZ) is a small speck on one of many container ships spotted in the harbour.
Hamburg also has relevance for me as the base of BP Lubricants German operation. Whilst our stay did not include a visit to the “office” my former Marine Lubes colleagues will known the significance of the letters MSC spotted on one of the ships coming into the harbour as we sat for lunch at a “beach” cafe.
The highlight of our short stay however was visiting Gabi, Andreas and their children Theo & Wilko. Gabi spent time in NZ studying with Maria, became good friends, and was bridesmaid at our wedding, whom we hadn’t seen since Milan was 3 months old. It was great to catch up with Gabi & meet her family in their nice warm and spacious home (key criteria for luxury when you’re otherwise staying in a campervan!)


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