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Birds Eye View

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On Wedneday we went out into the centre of Berlin to see a friend of our mum and dads called Claudia. She is a fashion designer and had her own stall in a market in Winterfeld Platz, which is a place in Berlin. She recommended a museum called Spektrum, so we decided to go there and see what its like. It was a huge museum and had a science museum next to it which had a big model of an airplane hanging from it. Spektrum was packed with hands-on science displays and and there were lots of things to do and look at like at the Launchpad at the science museum in London.
After the museum we decided to go to a building called Panorama Punkt (panorama point). We went there because we wanted to get a good view of Berlin from above. It was 24 floors high, and had the fastest lift in Europe which we used to get up. It went 8.5 meters per second and we went 90.6 meters high. We got a great 360 degrees view of Berlin and saw many of the places we had visited previously.

The day had been great but a bit chilly weather but was lots of fun.


PS: (by JR) The Winterfeld Platz Markt also had fantastic chicken Shwarmas in a place called Habibi’s & we also met an interesting man who was selling pillows made from “Dinkel Spreu” (some sort of spelt straw). Nilay was lucky enough to be given a free small pillow which now goes everywhere with him.

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  1. sounds amazing! i hope you are having fun around the world.
    p.s you can also e mail me at billyswoolf@gmail.com


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