A journey back to Middle Earth…

A family wedding

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After arriving in my home village of Windenreute on Friday evening and enjoying a lovely dinner prepared by my Mum and the luxury of sleeping in real beds with the boys in their own separate room, Saturday was all about catching up with the extended family.
My brother Krischan joined us for lunch with his two children Mia and Jakob, and my sister Vanessa and Philipp and their two children Peer and Jonas had also arrived from Cologne.
In the afternoon a group of us travelled to Basel to celebrate my cousin Adrian and his wife Corinne’s wedding. While Jayesh had volunteered to look after the kids and make sure they are entertained, fed, and put to bed in Windenreute, Rainer, Vanessa, Phillip and I had a really lovely evening in Basel with Adrian and Corinne and my aunts and uncles and cousins. The wedding at the “Kuppel” in Basel was fantastically well organised and it was clear that Adrian and Corinne and their parents had spent a lot of time planning every little detail of this wonderful evening.
I would have loved to stay and dance the night away, but as we had a pretty long journey back to Windenreute, we had to say our good-byes much too soon.




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