A journey back to Middle Earth…

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Home Sweet Home Windenreute

After catching up with many family members and friends in the weekend, we also tried to spend time with family and see some of our local friends during the remaining days we had in my home town. The boys spent the mornings with their “Oma”, accompanying her on walks with the dogs, baking and playing games. In the afternoons they met with Elena and Leonardo whenever possible.
On Wednesday we met up with my very special friend Carmen and two of her children and had a really lovely picnic on the Schönberg, a hill south of Freiburg. The boys were flying their kite, while we enjoyed the warm afternoon sunshine, the view of the Vosges Mountains in France in the distance, coffee from a thermos and the delicious famous Freiburg cheese cake.
Carmen pointed out that when the Vosges Mountains are clearly visible in the distance, this means that the weather will change. I had doubts, but she was right, as in the night the weather changed and it began to rain.