A journey back to Middle Earth…

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4 countries in one day

After having to go back to the campsite due to forgetting the bike and then ignoring the sat nav, map book and road signs, firstly going in the wrong direction because it “felt right”, we still couldn’t resist a last dip in the Mediterranean before heading north for Germany to be in time for Maria’s cousin, Adrian’s wedding on Sat.
The late start on Thursday, meant that over a period of 24 hours we drove through Spain, France, Switzerland, and Germany. Wanting to take the “scenic route” allowed us to go from the beaches, through vineyards, to the lakes, over the Alps, and arriving in the Black Forest on Friday evening.
The most exciting event of the trip for the Boys however, was probably the decision to go “freestyle” so we could get as far as we could, ending up in a service stop on the A7 just outside of Valence for the night. Given we could still use the “services” of the services, we were hardly in total isolation, but still proved the self sufficiency of the van with the added bonus of fresh croissants at first light!