A journey back to Middle Earth…

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Apple Crumble

Yesterday we decided to bake an apple crumble for desert after lunch. When we walked the dogs this morning we picked a few hazel nuts, and when we baked the crumble we peeled them, roasted them, and then put them in the crumble. We also made vanilla custard to eat with it. For lunch we had veggie burgers and lamb, and the crumble was delicious. We ate with Leonardo, Viktor, and Elena.

It was a great day!


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Baumkronen Weg

Yesterday was a facinating mix of walking learning the history of our family and simply just playing around.
The day started by our cousins Peer and Jonas, our aunt Vanessa and her husband Phillip coming and me and Nilay played with our cousins for a while. After a great lunch of Pizza we sadly had to say goodbye to them because they had to go back home to Cologne as they’d only come for the weekend. Not long after did we leave to pick up Dagmar, a friend of mamas, from Denzlingen, a nearby town, train station and drive on to Walkirch , another town nearby, to do a walk called the Baumkronen Weg, an uphill walk leading to treetop rope course which only me, Nilay and Papa actually did.( Mama was actually to scared :p ). After long hard thought Papa and Dagmar decided to go down a slide about 150 to 200m long and very steep in which you go so fast you need to where a bag so your trousers don’t burn! Once we got back to where the cars were parked, we decided, as we were not to far away, to go to the place where mama had lived till she was 3 (a place called Dettenbach). The house was quite small, next to a farm which had a small pond (in which mama fell into when she’d lived there :p ) and a larger one next to it. Finally we headed back to Oma’s house via Denzlingen train station where we dropped Dagmar off. Back at home me and Oma finally finished off a Sudoku puzzle shortly before I went to bed.