A journey back to Middle Earth…

Lessons from the road

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A change of scenery today, from the mountainous terrain of the Pyrenees to the cityscape of Barcelona, where we have found another great campsite at the coastal town of Mataro just north of the City.
After 5 weeks on the road we have learnt a few things about living and travelling in a campervan. We are now also becoming much more adept at “setting up camp” where the key tasks and roles are clear. Efficiency is the name of the game!
Here are a few lessons learnt thus far:
– Use as few dishes as possible. One pot & one plate meals consumable with one utensil are preferable
– If it doesn’t make it’s own way into the washing bag, it probably doesn’t really need to be washed.
– A random state of possessions is not an option. Everything has a place and make sure everyone knows where it is.
– We really only need half of the stuff we have in the van. If we haven’t used it yet (except for the first aid kit!) it’s only just contributing to fuel inefficiency
– Space for food (esp refridgerated) is limited. If it was you that suggested we buy it from the supermarket then its your responsibility to ensure its eaten!
– Depending on the proximity to our pitch, going to the bathroom can be quite an excursion. Manage your intake of beverages accordingly, especially at night!


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