A journey back to Middle Earth…

Valley of the Waterfalls

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Today, after yesterdays thrilling walk, Faja de pelay, we decided to go on another walk which had views of the waterfalls and it was bit flatter and there was less climbing. There was waterfalls with great views of it, it had about 8 viewing points for it and it was quite big too. We walked about 6 Km and then we decided to turn back, because it was quite far and we’d seen most of the waterfalls. There was a stream next to us and we decided to bath our feet in it because they were aching from the walking. The water was ice cold and we couldn’t keep our feet in it for too long. Then we decided to go back and just when we started I sprained my ankle so I used a stick that we found to help me. After a few hours we finally got down and went back to the camp after another great day of walking.



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