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Our third day in India started with Papa waking us up for breakfast as we were still jet lagged. Today was our first experience of a proper Indian breakfast which included Idly and some other dishes. At around 10am we were picked up by a driver who took up to Mumbai domestic airport for our 2pm flight to Kochi. Our flight was slightly delayed due to ‘technical issues’. Our 1 and a half hour flight and 2 and a half hour journey took us over 1000 miles taking us all the way to a hotel near Alleppey in Kerela. We were greeted to the hotel by some juice and a dinner menu as it was getting late. The restaurant had and interesting way of working. You order from the menu in your room then told to go to the restaurant to eat after 45min – 1hour (apparently 2hours is between 45min and 1 hour because that’s how long our meal took to be made. Papa told me that’s called ‘Indian time’!). It was well worth the wait as the food was great. Our choice of dish of the day was Karimeen Pollichathu: pearl spot fish marinated, baked in masala with banana leaf.


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