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Farewell in Germany

Last week we were staying in my home village of Windenreute in Germany. It was good to spend some time with my family and Milan and Nilay were happy to see their grandparents, their cousins and of course Viktor, Leonardo and Elena again.
The highlight of the week was our Farewell Party on Saturday to which we had invited my entire family, all aunts, uncles, cousins, kids and also all our local friends and family friends. Guests had arrived from near and far.
As I am blessed with a wonderfully creative, musical family, we enjoyed many performances of music and poetry throughout the afternoon and evening. We thought we could see the start of an international family band emerging. Another highlight was the fantastically varied buffet dinner to which all guests had contributed a dish. There were delicious salads, quiches, chicken drumsticks, cakes – a great feast. The Windenreute Heimathaus, a little village hall served as a perfect venue.
It was sad to say good-bye for an unknown length of time, but we hope to be back every now and then and maybe some of our relatives will come and see us in New Zealand.
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