A journey back to Middle Earth…

The Leaning Town of Venice

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On Friday we decided to spend another day in Venice. First we went to a cafe and did some reading to learn a bit more about the city and decide what we’d like to do. There was an interesting looking glass shop opposite the cafe so went in to have a look inside. We saw a man making a glass ring on his desk with a gas flame and some glass sticks which he melted into shape. We had decided that we wanted to go on a walking tour so we got tickets, a had a bit of pizza for lunch at a restaurant, then headed towards St. Mark’s Square where the tour started. The tour was called “Discover Venice”. The guide took us around the town and told us about gondolas and how the boat was built to lean to one side and the gondolier stood on the other side to keep it balanced and rowedThen we went on and the guide told us why most of the houses had its main entrance going into a canal, because they needed to ship stuff into their houses from the canals. As we walked, we saw a roof with smoke coming out of it and we guessed it was a fire but we weren’t sure. The guide also told us that because Venice was a lagoon, and therefore unstable, every single building was leaning (the leaning tower of Pisa was a joke to them!) The buildings are built on wooden piles and need to be flexible so they are made of bricks. When we came to the end of the walk we had a look around St. Mark’s Square then we wanted to start walking back to the bus stop and find dinner on the way but we ended up walking in a circle back to St. Mark’s Square because we couldn’t find where we were on the map. Then we tried again and finally managed to get back to the bus just in time!



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