A journey back to Middle Earth…

A First Taste of Italy

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After our night in the motorway stop, we headed, after an hour or two of driving, through Slovenia to Italy. On the way our van clocked 100,000 miles( altogether not just this journey). Once in Italy we arrived in a campsite not far from Venice where we planned to spend two nights. Although it was late(ish), we took the bus from the stop just outside the campsite into Venice for our first taste of Italy on this trip. Once arriving in the lagoon we chose a route taking us towards the Rialto Bridge, Venice’s most famous bridge where nearby, we had dinner. Nilay And I chose a delicious 4 cheese pizza to share while Mama and Papa had various pasta dishes (finally, eating Italian in Italy!) The way back to the bus stop was a race. Unless we caught the 9:28pm bus back to the campsite we’d have to wait another 40 or so minutes till the next bus. Luckily we made it, although Nilay tripped on the stairs of one of the bridges near the bus stop (fortunately he was OK). After a long day of driving and walking we finally got a good nights sleep, Papa tried sleeping up top for once swapping places with me.


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