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Postcard from Zadar

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Our 4 day stop in Zadar is represented by a myriad of experiences and images reflected in the photo collage in the link below. A time to reflect on our journey so far, consolidate and plan ahead, whilst also trying to imagine local life in a historic coastal town in Croatia: The history of the Old Town from its early prehistoric origins, the various attacks it has recovered from through the ages, its role as a key port for visitors and fishing hub, locals and tourists alike enjoying its cafe culture, its spectacular seaside scenery and modern architectural icons, and the local residents who must have experienced a significant sea of change in recent times. We have been lucky enough (despite the odd downpour) to enjoy the late summer(autumn) sun as we contemplate what lies ahead…



One thought on “Postcard from Zadar

  1. Das sieht ja wirklich fantastisch aus – und ihr sehr glücklich:-)

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