A journey back to Middle Earth…

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Nilay’s Lockdown

We’re now coming to the end of lock down level 4, and level 3 will start on Tuesday. I’ve had online school and then school holidays in the past few weeks which has been great because I can sleep more because I don’t have to commute to school and back or wear uniform. I’ve had a lot of free time and have been using the old home gym here in Port Waikato and also running sometimes. I’ve also had a birthday in the past few weeks which was quite different to other ones, but still was alright. We had a video call with all the Ramas and I had a cake. Yesterday I got my haircut and he did a pretty good job. I’ve also been used as a tool by my parents helping them with building mostly and have cooked dinner a few more times. Lock down has it’s pros and cons but I think going back to normal will be good.