A journey back to Middle Earth…

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One of the things which has been quite impressive so far is the level of creativity and innovation which people have been showing within the constraints they’ve had since lockdown. ‘Kiwi ingenuity’ is within the fabric of our society and this is our first go at getting Nilay back into working out with an incomplete home gym setup. Incidentally these are the remnants of the home gym I had around 30 years ago and sat in storage the whole time we were in the UK and the 6 years since. One of the benefits of being a ‘hoarder’, you never know when something may become useful again!   JR

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I guess that one of the benefits of being someone who likes starting projects but not necessarily known as a ‘finisher’ means I have lots of WIP which means that I usually have all of the materials and equipment I need to finish the job without having to procure anything else. So the first project I have been able to ‘finish’ under lockdown was a shelving unit for Nilay’s room, a solution I’ve not been able to achieve for Nilay at home since we moved in at the start of the year. Believe me there’s plenty more where that came from!