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India FAQ


To sum up our time in India, I decided to interview Jayesh, Milan and Nilay and try to put some of our more individual India experiences into words:
Q. What has been the most memorable thing for you during the past 3 weeks, while we were in India?
Milan: The Taj Mahal, especially the building with all the gemstones inlaid in the marble
Nilay: The dead cow in the road which had been run over by a bus which had a severely damaged windscreen
Jayesh: Learning about Mahatma Gandhi’s story again and being in some of the places he stepped.
Q. What did you like the best?
Milan: Feeding the monkeys in Jaipur at Jaigarh Fort
Jayesh: Riding through the backwaters in Kerala on a boat
Nilay: I liked so many things, but my highlights were Arkshardham Mandir in Delhi and the swimming pool at the Triveny River Hotel
Q. What did you like the least?
Jayesh: Delhi Belly on the day we visited Agra,
Milan: Being sick with a fever in Kochi
Nilay: Mosquitos and heat in Mumbai
Q. What was the most unexpected / new experience you had in India?
Nilay: The way the trucks look all colourful and the way the horns sound quite cool. Also the bad smells in the big cities.
Milan: The amount of car horns and noise in the streets
Jayesh: So many more “public toilets” (for men at least) – very unpleasant to see!
Q. In which way is India different from any other country you have visited on our trip?
Nilay: Tractors on motorways, slums, cool sunsets
Milan: The amount of motorbikes (with whole families sitting on them)
Jayesh: The prominence of multiple religions
Q. Did you miss anything while in India:
Nilay: I missed my bike
Milan: I missed playing piano
Jayesh: I missed exercising as I only got to go to the gym/run once.

3 thoughts on “India FAQ

  1. wonderful!! save travels Rambling Ramas!!! From Sures and Simmi x

  2. WOW!!! Seems like you’ve been up to a whole load of awesome stuff..! I really want to go to india once, i’ve never been 😔. But it’s good you’ve made the most of india, as it’s not every day that you go to such an awesome country. Im really jealous i wish i could be doing this😍… Unfortunately im stuck here with stupid homework and exams… ugh 😩they are nearly all over though. 😃 And its holidays soon, YAY, WOOP WOOP!!!!


  3. What a lovely idea – your interview, Maria – and what great answers from you guys – wow!!! Da bekommen wir wirklich auch Lust und Mut zu reisen und die Welt zu erleben – seid umarmt von irene und christian

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