A journey back to Middle Earth…

The Museum of Random Things

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Friday was more of a relaxing day. After breakfast in a “french bakery cafe” down the road of our hotel where I couldn’t  eat my full breakfast of porridge,  we went for a walk nearby the lake and an old man asked to have a photo with Mama (shown below). On the way back we bought a stone carving from a man on the street who said he made all of the figures himself.
In the afternoon we went to a museum also just down the road (everything is quite near) called Bagore-ki-Haveli where we learned about all sorts of stuff from Rajisthani puppets to turbans. There was a whole room full of puppets, elephants camels and people, there are a few photos below.  There was also polystyrene models of buildings like the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning tower of Pisa which was a bit random but cool.  And then finally we looked at the turbans which included the biggest turban on earth (not meant for wearing). After the museum we went to a Mandir (Hindu temple) and did a prayer then listened to women singing bhajans (similar to hymns) inside. We couldn’t resist one last opportunity for lake views where we had dinner at the top of a hotel where there was a lake view restaurant.

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