A journey back to Middle Earth…

Leaving Pangbourne now

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Yesterday I drove back home from Pangbourne after leaving drinks with work colleagues and friends in The Swan the night before.  As I said, “it’s the people that I’ll miss” – thank you to you all for a great 4 years in Lubricants!

As I called home to say that “I was leaving Pangbourne now”, Maria reminded me that this may be the last time I said this, where typically it would be after 7pm where I would call from either Pangbourne or Swindon saying I’m leaving & wondering if any dinner would be left when I got home. 

During this time I have got to know J2-J15 of the M4 intimately and the majority of the 84,000 miles on the clock have been on this road. I will not miss the M4, but grateful that it has safely taken me the equivalent distance of 3 times around the world over the past 4 years.



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