A journey back to Middle Earth…

Our new home…


We are very excited, because our new home has arrived. In a couple of weeks we will be moving out of our house and into this beautiful red camper-van. We are still brain storming for a suitable name… “the Red Baron” or the “Mystery Machine”…. any suggestions?



4 thoughts on “Our new home…

  1. Dear Nilay i hope you have a great time in new zealand. I really liked you being in year 4 and i hope you have a good time.

    by George

  2. The Rama’s Revenge?? Maybe..

  3. Thanks for all your suggestions. We have decided that “The Red Rover” shall be the name of our campervan which will be our home from the end of next week πŸ™‚ We are very excited and are looking forward to the start of the trip. Maria

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