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Pedalling by the Paddy Fields

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Yesterday was a relaxing but fun day. We went for a bike ride through the village to see what it is like living here. Some of the people were washing clothes by soaking them in the canal water then slapping them against stone.There was also people harvesting rice by hand and others catching fish from the canals to eat for their meals. After we went for a refreshing swim in the hotel pool before a yummy biryani for lunch. A few hours after we all had an Ayurvedic massage and after, sat in a steam box for the first time. After we’d all had our massage we had dinner with dish of the day being Palak Aaap Ki Pasand (paneer and potatoes cooked with spinach puree and spices). A favourite during our stay here has also been banana lassi. We’ve also experienced several power cuts but luckily the hotel has a backup generator!




One thought on “Pedalling by the Paddy Fields

  1. Hallole! hab mich durch eure stories gelesen sounds rather wonderful. Hope all continues well. wir hatten schönes, kaltes wetter. aber Sonne. 3 mal spazieren mit den Hunden. Wäre gerne bei euch dabei! love Oma

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